Continuing Skills Test (CST)/Adult LTCFS Trainings


Allowable Resources DURING or AFTER the CST  

  • LTCFS Instructions (P-00946 or HTML version)
  • Diagnoses Cue Sheet (P-00814)
  • Guide for I/DD per Federal Definition (P-00935)
  • Functional Screen Form - aka the "Paper Form" (F-00366)
  • Basic Information For Screeners (P-01604)
  • Glossary of Acronyms (P-01010)

  • The resources listed above are the ONLY materials allowed to be referenced during the CST. Testers using other resources, or consulting with other individuals during the test, may lose their certification. The resources may be accessed electronically or testers may use printed versions, or a combination of both.
  • 2023 Continuing Skills Testing - Q&A
  • Tips and Tricks for Taking the Online Test
  • CST Response Visualization Tool PDF
  • 2023 Plan of Correction QA and Reporting Requirements

  • The resources listed above are provided as reference for screeners and offer Q&A or technical assistance. These documents do not contain any information that can aid in determining the correct answer to any question on the CST. These resources may be accessed at the testerís discretion.


    Resources For Use BEFORE Or AFTER the CST

    Testers MAY NOT refer to the materials below WHILE taking the CST or BEFORE submitting their answers. 

    Training Materials
     CST Specific  Past CSTs  Past Quizzes  Other Trainings
    2023 CST Training Watch

    CST Demo, Tips and Tricks Watch
    2021 2018
  • September
  • 2019
    Medication Training Part 1

    Medication Training Part 2

    The versions of the test and quizzes listed above have been reviewed and are appropriate study guides for the 2023 CST. Screeners should use these versions.