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In partnership with the Wisconsin Department of Health Services and a designated group of stakeholders, the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh (UWO), Center for Community Development, Engagement and Training (CCDET) is developing a series of trainings related to dementia care for crisis responders, caregivers, healthcare providers, family and community members, and other professionals. This training series is one of many trainings available on the topic of dementia, but is offered as part of the Wisconsin Dementia Care System Redesign. This training will be offered primarily online and will be instrumental in providing quality dementia care through well-trained, competent caregivers.

Upon completing the registration process, it may take up to two business days to receive access to the training. Correspondence regarding the registration process and training access will be sent to you from regstaff@uwosh.edu email. Courses with Final Assessments offer two attempts to pass at 80% or better. Participants will have access to the course for 6 months.

Additionally, crisis responders, healthcare providers, and other professionals successfully completing the trainings available through UWO CCDET, will be listed on an online registry. This registry will be available to the public and will list individuals trained in dementia care, along with the name of the completed training, completion date(s) and the type of class, online or face to face. This registry does not replace industry standards and regulations for hiring. Processes in hiring must continue to be followed.

For more information regarding this project, please contact dementiacare@uwosh.edu.

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