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Are you responsible for conducting caregiver background checks on new and existing employees and contractors? If so, don’t miss this brand new virtual workshop developed by the UW Oshkosh Center for Community Development, Engagement and Training (CCDET) and DQA’s Office of Caregiver Quality (OCQ). The upcoming identical workshops highlight the following:
  • Determine Covered Providers (Is my entity covered?)
  • Identify Covered Individuals (Who is considered a “caregiver”)?
  • Evaluate Background Information Disclosure (BID) Responses (What about convictions, charges or findings disclosed on a BID?)
  • Complete a Caregiver Background Check (How do I complete the Department of Justice (DOJ) process? What do I receive in return?)
  • Evaluate Background Check Responses (How do I read a criminal history? How do I read a statute? What about an IBIS letter with a finding?)
  • Take Appropriate Action (Understand the importance of documentation, responsibilities within the rehabilitation review process, etc.)

Also included are answers to questions that are frequently asked of DQA as well as tips for supporting the caregiver background check process. The workshops are facilitated by experienced CCDET instructors and attended by OCQ subject matter experts. Sign up soon! Space is limited!

5 Steps to Caregiver Background Checks Wed, June 15, 2022 8:30 am – 11:30 am
5 Steps to Caregiver Background Checks Tue, June 21, 2022 12:30 pm – 3:30 pm

Both sessions are currently full and closed to new registrations. Please stay on the lookout for additional workshops this fall!



University of Wisconsin Oshkosh CCDET

Wisconsin Department of Health Services




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